Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hi, all. Tomorrow is April 1st. I have one question that I keep mulling over...why in the heck is it freezing and snowing outside? Talk about depressing. I thought I'd spend a little time blogging as I have no where to go. First, I must apologize for my weird layout in this posting. I forgot to change a picture setting before I uploaded!

A couple of Mondays ago, we headed to Lincoln to visit my Grandma Harris. She had been gone for 3 months (she flies south for the winter) and she hadn't seen Katelyn since she was born. Katelyn's birthday was a special day for grandma, as it was her 80th birthday as well. We picked a good day to go...grandma's retirement community gets free bagels and bread from P.a.n.e.r.a on Mondays. Absolutely fabulous. Katelyn and Luke were a hit with grandma's friends, as I knew they would be. While we were there, a nice looking (and much older) gentleman sat down beside us to try convince grandma to try W.i.i. bowling with him. Their conversation was so cute and grandma went on and on about how she couldn't possibly do it. The gentleman replied, "Don't worry, Gladys, I'll give you a one on one lesson!" My eyebrows lifted as I looked at grandma. She grinned sheepishly and said, "I don't know about that." What a little spit fire. My grandma was getting hit on.

This is a picture of Luke's black eye. He ran into his friend Sylvia while swinging. What a shiner! That happened a week and a half ago and it still isn't completely gone. I postponed the kids' pictures until this Friday, but I don't know if it will even be gone by this Friday. Luke looks at his eye all of the time and says, "I ran into that girl's head, Momma!" Yep, hon. That should teach you to leave girls alone until you're at least 30.

Katelyn is giggling and smiling all of the time. I took her to the chiropractor today just because she gets a free adjustment since I went there to get my prenatal adjustments. She HATED it. I've never seen this child cry so much in my life. Probably won't be doing that again.

And, finally, this is a tower that Luke built. To, me, it's amazing. He made this huge tower with all sorts of levels and on each level, he put a matchbox car. Bill and I went into the toy room and just stared with awe. I thought I was looking at a commercial for H.o.t. W.h.e.e.l.s. It was brilliant. Do you want me to continue with my bragging? OK, I'll stop.

I did find something interesting in my fridge earlier today that I'll blog about sometime this week, but for now, J.u.d.g.e. J.u.d.y. is calling my name. I'm addicted to that show because it's the one show that I get to watch while the kids are napping. I want to be her. So, I'm signing off so that I can enter the courtroom of J.u.d.g.e. J.u.d.i.t.h. S.h.e.i.n.d.l.i.n.


Janna said...

Seriously, we must get Luke and Jackson together. They speak each other's language. ;o) Although, that could be a bad thing . . .

Makila said...

:) Judge Judy huh? ltm.

you're cute.