Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful

(I meant to have these pictures in a completely different order, but for some reason, my order came out reversed!)
Today was our annual Curry Family Christmas Tree Hunting Adventure. Boy did we pick a doosy of a day to hunt. The snow was pretty, but the wind was so cold! Needless to say, we didn't take a lot of time mulling over which tree was "the one". Luke, however, loved the adventure. He loved walking through the "forest" and helping his dad carry the tree up to the binder. I was shocked that he didn't complain once.
So, now my home is completely decked out for Christmas. I feel complete. I feel relieved. When I first found out about all of my high blood pressure issues, I feared the worst. I had pictures in my mind of me not being able to decorate my home, go Christmas shopping or do anything that had to do with my favorite holiday of the year. I praise God that I am well enough to do these things, and you know what? I would've praised Him even if I weren't able to do these things. Somehow, somethings have a way of working out. I'm 35 weeks and 2 days along in this pregnancy, and we are ready for the baby. Of course, I want it to stay in there until after Christmas, but I realize that one can't be picky with these sorts of things. November 2008 is over and here comes December. As we were decorating the tree, it was fun to think about this precious little baby possibly being here when we take all of it down in the new year.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas is Coming!

Well, it's officially here. The radio stations are beginning to play their Christmas music, people are putting the lights up on the their homes, and I had Bill drag up our Christmas decorations. I usually do not start this process until after Thanksgiving, but I thought if I could just do one tote a day, it wouldn't be so tiring and overwhelming. That was a fabulous idea. Most of the decorations are out, and now we just wait for the tree to be picked out this weekend.
I am feeling comfortable in the Holiday spirit. It's time. I'm ready.
Luke was excited too. He loved going through all of the totes and finding surprises. And, as we decorate, I also bring you Christmas shopping gift #3. In September, I had a friend tell me about the Little People Nativity set from Fisher Price (Thanks, Makila!). I went online and ordered it. I thought this would be fun for Luke to open as we began decorating. He was so excited to open his surprise and what I thought would just be fun turned into a great learning experience. As we opened each piece, I told him all of the people and animals involved in the Nativity scene. He learned about Mary, Joseph and Jesus and why they had to live in a stable for awhile (of course, it was more like a cave, but I thought that may be a little over Luke's head!). Then, we placed the angel on top and the stable plays, "Away in a Manger". It turned out far better than I had originally thought for so many reasons! If you don't have the Nativity yet, get it! You can order the basic stable, Mary, Joseph and Jesus for pretty cheap. I got the middle-of-the-line version that adds some scenery including animals and the Shepherds. Then, if you're really ambitious, you can order the more expensive scene with lots and lots of action. Any way you choose, it is a fantastic learning tool. Do it! Buy it! I'll be your cheerleader!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Pressure, blood pressure, that is. 122 over 78 today!!!!!!!!!
Praise the Lord. Thank you all for praying. Don't stop!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas Shopping Tip #2

I was just reminiscing about all of the fantastic and not so fantastic Christmas gifts that I got from my students when I was teaching. I thought that I'd take time to give all of you moms out there a little wisdom when it comes to shopping for that favorite school or Sunday School teacher. There is a craft to it all. Let me explain.
Now, keep in mind that I taught at a school where kids were pretty "well off" so the gifts were always truly amazing, but they can be truly amazing without going overboard.
Here are a few simple rules:
1. Skip giving the standard Christmas ornament. Teachers get a ton of these and most likely, regift them!
2. Avoid going for the decorations with "teacher sayings" on it. The chalkboard sign that says, "Teachers rule" on it can only be hung on so many walls.
3. Do go for the gift card. These are the absolute best gifts ever.
4. Bath & Body Works is a teacher's friend.
5. Don't give books, especially ones about being a teacher. Teachers read about teaching all you really think they want to read about their jobs any more than that? And if they do, they need to get a life. Instead, let them pick out their own book by giving them a Barnes & Noble gift card. Personally, I'd use it on the Starbucks inside B&N, but that's my opinion.
6. Most female teachers love a good smelling candle. I always did.
7. Have your child send a personal note along with the gift. I've saved every single one of these I've ever received.
8. Get creative. I had a pizza delivered to my house for supper once from one of my student's families. That was a fantastic idea!
9. Do not give Christmas socks or any wearables for that matter. Teachers feel obligated to wear them and students get feelings hurt when they don't. Even scarves are a no-no. They usually end up at the staff Christmas party as a white elephant gift.
10. Stay away from Holiday pins. I have several pins, including one that lights up whenever it detects motion. How annoying! P.S. Keep this in mind unless you're calling me so I can order them something from Premier, that is!

I hope this all was very helpful to you! I'll be looking forward to next week so I can bestow some more Christmas Shopping ideas on you all!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Way I See Things...

How are you doing, friends? I'm not meaning this to be your average, ordinary, every day type of question. I'm truly asking you, "How are you doing?" And I want to hear every single ounce of your answer. I've been thinking a lot lately about how Christians, including myself, are so quick to ask the question, but also so quick to blow off a response. It's so easy to feel as if no one wants to hear about how you really truly are, and at the same time, it's so easy to not take the time to stop and make a phone call or drop a note in the mail to let someone know that you are praying for them.
This has really been on my heart lately. We go to church and put on our "church faces" like life is good and nothing is ever ever wrong. WRONG! Our own lives get in the way, don't they? Trust me, I am the worst at this. If I don't hear from you, I assume that life is good. I'm such a slacker. I often pray for help and guidance in these specific incidents. I want to be conscious of other people and the goings ons in their lives.
I guess I've just been a little convicted lately about feeling that it's all about me. In Sunday School, we talked about what kind of grade the body of believers would get for care and concern of others. I wanted to stand up and say, "I big fat ZERO, Jack!" Not only do I make little effort to serve others, I often say that I'll pray for them and then not even one prayer about them will come out of my mouth. Prayers for my family and me? Of course! Prayers for others? Barely. Does anyone else struggle with this? Most times I feel that Christians get a bad wrap. Well, of course I do! I act so selfish most times.

So, where does this all stem from, you ask? Well, it's 1:45 a.m. Luke woke up to go potty and after I got him back into bed, I decided to come out to the couch and blog. Yesterday was an absolute horrible, no good, rotten day for me. And, since it's all about me, I did nothing but complain to everyone about it. In the midst of all of that complaining, I had friends e-mail me warm thoughts and wishes. I had another friend bring me and my family supper. I got my super cool purple eye-liner that I ordered from a friend and she made a special effort to get it for me, even though it was back-ordered. I got a special phone call from a friend who could totally empathize about the antics of my two-year-old. For what, friends? Care. Concern. Love. I am truly humbled.

Lord, I pray for your mercy and grace. Forgive me for being THAT person. The person that seeks to fulfill selfish desires instead of your will. Create in me a clean heart, God, so that I can serve others the way that I have been served. Help me to be mindful of others' needs. Grant me a peace that surpasses all understanding. A peace that will lead me towards open doors. I want you to open doors for me, God, so that I can truly show others the love of Christ. I want that, God. I need that, God. Amen.
And p.s. my son to have a better day tomorrow. It can't get much worse!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A thought

I have really tried to stay away from writing anything political in my blog. I'm an extremely passionate person about some things, and not so much about others. But I've learned a long time ago to keep my opinions to myself unless I know for sure that the person I'm talking with feels the same way that I do. I think that's just a smart road to take, don't you?
And, just because I've started out this blog mentioning politics does not mean in any way that I'm going to start expressing my opinions now, but I have a question for you. Do you ever think about what it would be like to actually move into the White House? I mean, do Obama's girls get to pick their own bedrooms and decorate it? When do they move in? Wouldn't it be a little creepy living in a place where there's such history? What about the Bushes? When did they pack up and move out? Can you imagine a big U-Haul pulling in and out of that place? I smile just thinking about it.

That's as political as I's the simple things that really matter, right?


Just thought I'd let you all know that my tests came back fine. Phew...
I'm still resting well and being a good girl! Thanks for all of your prayers!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

Hi, friends! So, I may be blogging more than usual over these next weeks as I have been given strict orders from the doctor to "take it easy". Yep, high blood pressure....again. This happened with Luke, but it wasn't until I was a little further along. Good grief.
When they took my blood pressure Monday, it wasn't dangerously high, but just high. So now I have to go in weekly and I just got through doing a 24 hour urine analysis. Sick. There's nothing like collecting samples of my "deposits" in a huge orange jug for a day straight. I'm supposed to find out the results of that test today, as they are checking for protein in my urine. Good grief.
As many of you who read my blog know, I am a busy-body. I often have more than one thing going at a time, and I am definitely a little high strung. I have been at this taking it easy thing for 2 days and I am about ready to go batty. But, as a good friend reminded me, I'd be even battier if I had to be on bed rest in the hospital or even extremely batty if I had to deliver this baby now, at 32 weeks. Therefore, I am resting. Good grief.
Bill has been awesome. He does the laundry, brings it to me, I fold it. He has really taken over with Luke in the evenings. I'm doing the best I can with him during the day. Maybe having a 2 1/2 year old has landed me some high blood pressure. I'm sure that has a little to do with it! Have I said "Good grief"?
Anyway, keep our family in your prayers and please e-mail or call...the Lord knows that I will need some different activity during the long days. To boil it down, I need to keep resting for another 5 weeks, until I'm considered full term. Please pray for this goal. Pray hard.
Good grief!