Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Can Think of Way Better Names

So, I decided to see what Jillian M.i.c.h.a.e.l.'s 30-day Shred workout video was all about. There has been so much buzz generated about it lately, and I thought I'd give it a whirl. It is only a 20 minute workout, after all.

So, after the first day of 30,and much anticipated, long days, I will now be calling it several names: 30-day go to bed, 30-day dead, 30-day under-fed, 30 day-dread, 30-day kick in the head, or 30-day I need some meds.

I was also excited to see my G.a.z.e.l.l.e. Edge that I ordered sitting on my doorstep yesterday when I came home. I'm looking forward to using it as well while watching some of my favorite shows at night. If I'm going to get to my goal weight, I better get going.

As Jillian says, "You're not going to lose weight for free." Trust me, Jill, you and I will be best buds for AT LEAST the next 30 days!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bootcamp, Yard Work and Spanx

I have been doing everything imaginable to lose all of the weight that I have gained while pregnant with Katelyn. I know that losing weight is a practice in patience, but it has really been a long spell and taking longer than anticipated. Maybe it's my secret stash of Peanut Butter M&Ms hidden in the pantry. Anyway, I have really worked hard and the results, stagnant. I'm still using the workbook that I blogged about earlier. I love it and the recipes are actually quite tasty. Bill even devoured the marinara mushrooms I made the other day. Shocker. Fungus gives me a stomach ache though. I think I'll stick to the turkey burgers.

My boot camp workout still kicks my postpartum rear end every time. I do love it and am looking for other workouts to do as well. I'm loving that it's so nice outside. Time for more walks, play time with Luke and maybe a little jog every now and then.

I've also been getting the yard ready for summer. I figure this can help with the calorie burning as well. I've managed to clean out all of the landscaping from the dead brush and leaves. Our yard is huge and I have tons more to do, but stopped short today when an overactive spirea bush poked me in the eye. That killed. And, of course, I did the "head flip" to see if anyone was outside to see me ridiculously poke myself. The poke actually tore my contact and left my eye watering a bit, but overall, I think it will be OK. Of course, I had visions of being visionless, but that's just me...hope for the best but expect the worst! Tonight, Bill and I have a free evening, so we plan to do more yard work. We have a landscaping pond in the back that we need to fill in and a huge garden that needs tilled. I don't mind working in the yard, but it's hard with kiddos and aggressive bushes.

So, after watching calories, exercising and doing all sorts of yard work, you'd think I'd meet my weight loss goals, lickity-split. Not so much. So, I decided to do what any other reasonable woman would do; buy the S.p.a.n.x. They are absolutely fantastic and I have to say, I do feel slimmed down when I wear them. I have heard many rant and rave about them, so I had to see what all the fuss was about. Now that I have one pair of them, I want every pair available so that every part of my body can be spanxtified.

I'm still going to work hard to lose this weight, though. I'm giving myself until February (the month of my annual appointment) to drop 40 pounds. Oh my I've said it. I need to lose 40 pounds. Am I crazy?

Thursday, April 16, 2009


We had a great Easter weekend. Saturday morning, Bill took off early to help his sister move, and my parents came up to spend the day. We packed that day full of Easter activities, starting off with the Easter egg hunt at the school. Luke was VERY excited and his competitive nature came out, as he stood in a "get ready" position waiting for the word, "Go!"

He did well and picked up all sorts of eggs and candy strewn all over the football field.

As it turns out, Luke is an expert egg hunter. He found a prize egg and waited with such anticipation to see what his prize would be. "Do you think it will be a car, Momma?" He waited patiently...

As they pulled the prizes from the bag, all of the parents gave the look that expressed, "What in the HECK ARE YOU THINKING!?!"

Of course! Why WOULDN'T you get the kids a HUGE chocolate Easter Bunny? How appropriate with it being Easter and all. Thank you, Shelby Chamber. Thank you.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I have the Answer

I have the answer as to why America is obese.
The answer you ask? It's too expensive to NOT be obese! Doesn't that make a ton of sense? I'm guessing you want a little background to my theory.
I am addicted to The B.i.g.g.e.s.t. Loser. I love the show and it's super motivating for me. As a matter of fact, I ordered The B.i.g.g.e.s.t. Loser workbook. It's amazing. I am a health idiot at times. I know nothing about amino acids, carbs, protein, calorie intake and calories expended. I think I got a B in college health. Are you laughing at me? It was hard! So, for me, this book is fabulous. It not only tells you exactly what to eat for meals and snacks, but it also gives a little workout instruction. I skip the workout, as I'm addicted to Bob H.a.r.p.e.r.'s Boot Camp. So, last Sunday, I made my grocery list for the week according to what the book told me I needed to make. Being the food/health dummy that I am, it took me forever to find all the items at the grocery store. Who's ever heard of jicama anyway?
Long story short, I spent $200 on a week's worth of groceries for this "healthy" lifestyle. Not good. So, you better believe that I'm going to use every stitch of everything that I bought for this change in eating habits. As a matter of fact, that's why I was piping hot when I saw this in my refrigerator:

Luke had gotten into the eggs. It's not the fact that eggs are that expensive, it's the fact that I didn't want to waste anything that I had bought and Luke had decided to break 4 eggs; two on the counter, two in the fridge. Luke has been "into" a lot lately (his green hands are the giveaway that he had gotten into the food coloring today). Even though I knew he was just being a typical three year old boy, it was straight to time out for him. "I'm really, really sorry, Mom." How can you be mad at that? I just wish that "sorry" gave me back my 4 eggs, probably worth 10 cents a piece.
Well, I see that I have digressed from the topic. If I'm getting so upset over spilled milk (a.k.a. broken eggs) then I don't know if I can keep going with this all natural, all health food kick.
Poor America...can't afford to be thin and definitely can't afford to be fat.