Wednesday, September 15, 2010


What was your first record? Not 8-track (gasp!). Not tape. Not CD. I mean a real record. I'm sure most of you remember that's all we had when we were real young. It wasn't anything for me to get out my old Fisher-Price orange and white record player and bust out some Elvis Presley. Of course, my Dad was extremely picky about what records I could play on my player; most of his records were "too good" for a cheap needle. But, I do remember a few 45s of Elvis and some record that Avon put out. The only thing I remember from that record is a song, "You can be a winner if you try." Still remember the tune too.
To this day, Dad still has a ton of records and a fairly decent player. Most of his older records (mostly Wings and the Beatles) were able to be salvaged after the tornado and some are goodies he happened to find at garage sales every now and then. What am I saying? He's obsessed. If there's a garage sale with records advertised, he's there. He's the FIRST one there.
I digress.
He's even found me some that I enjoy playing on my own player. Let me tell you...if you love nostalgia, buy yourself a record player and order a few of your favs off of e-bay. It is pure joy, I tell you. Pure joy.
Some of the gems dad has found for me are: The Beatles' Second Album, Close to You by The Carpenters, Chicago, Whitney Houston, Elvis, Mary Poppins soundtrack,Carole King Tapestry, Bye Bye Birdie soundtrack, Music Man soundtrack, Sinatra's Sinatra, The Sound of Music soundtrack, West Side Story soundtrack, Forever Frank Sinatra, Air Supply and my newest, Johnny Cash.
(If you're smiling at this point, you need to come over and jam with me and Whitney. It is a sight, honestly, but my kids love it).
I'm so glad Dad found Johnny Cash. He's been on the search for several months now. The song I wanted the most was "Walk the Line". Love-that-song. But, this record didn't have it on there. Oh's Johnny Cash. There isn't one bad Cash song.
I brought the record home, popped it on and began to listen. The first song's bass was very familiar. Could it be? Oh yeah, it was meant to be. The owner put the record in the wrong jacket. We have found "Walk the Line."
My cup runneth over.
I heard that you can go to any music store and get records again, brand new, for about the same price that you can buy a CD.
There's just something about a turntable.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

We've been here all along

We have been here all along. The summer went exactly as I had hoped it would. Memories were made. Stress was gone. We had a ball.

We traveled.

I celebrated.

We took chances.

We loved on our family.

We cheered.

And now, I'm back.