Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I have the Answer

I have the answer as to why America is obese.
The answer you ask? It's too expensive to NOT be obese! Doesn't that make a ton of sense? I'm guessing you want a little background to my theory.
I am addicted to The B.i.g.g.e.s.t. Loser. I love the show and it's super motivating for me. As a matter of fact, I ordered The B.i.g.g.e.s.t. Loser workbook. It's amazing. I am a health idiot at times. I know nothing about amino acids, carbs, protein, calorie intake and calories expended. I think I got a B in college health. Are you laughing at me? It was hard! So, for me, this book is fabulous. It not only tells you exactly what to eat for meals and snacks, but it also gives a little workout instruction. I skip the workout, as I'm addicted to Bob H.a.r.p.e.r.'s Boot Camp. So, last Sunday, I made my grocery list for the week according to what the book told me I needed to make. Being the food/health dummy that I am, it took me forever to find all the items at the grocery store. Who's ever heard of jicama anyway?
Long story short, I spent $200 on a week's worth of groceries for this "healthy" lifestyle. Not good. So, you better believe that I'm going to use every stitch of everything that I bought for this change in eating habits. As a matter of fact, that's why I was piping hot when I saw this in my refrigerator:

Luke had gotten into the eggs. It's not the fact that eggs are that expensive, it's the fact that I didn't want to waste anything that I had bought and Luke had decided to break 4 eggs; two on the counter, two in the fridge. Luke has been "into" a lot lately (his green hands are the giveaway that he had gotten into the food coloring today). Even though I knew he was just being a typical three year old boy, it was straight to time out for him. "I'm really, really sorry, Mom." How can you be mad at that? I just wish that "sorry" gave me back my 4 eggs, probably worth 10 cents a piece.
Well, I see that I have digressed from the topic. If I'm getting so upset over spilled milk (a.k.a. broken eggs) then I don't know if I can keep going with this all natural, all health food kick.
Poor America...can't afford to be thin and definitely can't afford to be fat.

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Janna said...

Oh. My. This is Jackson too!!! This is getting scary Tiff. ;o) His idea is taking one in his hand and crushing it to oblivion. And eggs are so messy, plus, when they dry it's like trying to chip cement. I hear you on healthy food being expenive--I told Josh the cheapest way to feed the family would be to get those Banquet tv dinners--yummy. I've been trying to learn more lately, and I DO get discouraged. Let me know how your new plan turns out!