Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Weekend

What a great weekend. First of all, the weather was absolutely amazing. It was great to send Luke outside to let out some energy. It was a great weekend for Bill to have spring break. He had Thursday and Friday off and we really enjoyed staying busy. We spent most of Thursday doing this and that around the house, but late in the afternoon, we went to Lincoln so Bill and Luke could go to the Shrine Circus. I took Luke last year and I felt as if it was definitely Bill's year to sit through the rope tricks and elephant stunts. Here are some pictures from the circus:

According to Bill, the best part of the circus was the $5 whirly gig toy. Luke was all over that! They left at intermission when the toy's batteries ran out. I guess there was nothing left to hold Luke's attention.

Friday we headed down to Beatrice to spend the afternoon and night with our friends, the LeFebers. What a fun time we had. The girls and Luke played outside while Bill and Nathan grilled pork chops. We ate (a ton...diets aren't in effect on the weekends, right?) and we laughed. We played poker for donuts the next morning. I won...and the donuts were excellent. We feel blessed to have such great friends.

Saturday morning we left Beatrice's Sunrise Bakery and headed to Blue Hill to visit Bill's mom and grandpa and grandma. Grandpa and Grandma hadn't met Katelyn yet, so we were glad we had a free day to spend with them. It was a great day full of relaxation and lots of smiles.

Today was another great day. After church, Bill worked in the garage and did a bit of yard work while I napped and sorted through the kids' clothes. I feel like I'm always sorting clothes and packing them away for the next baby. When does one stop saving clothes? We have tons of totes with baby clothes in the storage seems never-ending.

It should be a busy week. Hopefully, I get to posting more. I have pictures from Katelyn's baptism and Luke's black eye. Yes, I said black eye. So, with that, I'm going to put Katelyn down and get some shut-eye.

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