Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tomorrow..."It's Only A Day Away"

There's something rather consoling about the word "tomorrow". It's a fresh start, a new beginning, and often times, a cop-out. Let me explain.
As of late, my life is feeling a little off-balance. This is puzzling to me, because I am the queen of organization, balance, fit-it-all-in-even-if-your-face-turns-blue. I am constantly in go mode; but I feel like this go-goer has definitely hit a brick wall in organization land.
Maybe I'm just in desperate need of a good multi-vitamin, but monotony is killing me. I'm bored. Just when I finish all of the laundry, it magically piles back up before my very eyes. Just when I get done feeding Katelyn, two and a half hours goes by and there I am, nursing her again. I'm tired. I'm bored (did I mention that already?) Somehow, I have lost focus. This is where tomorrow comes in to play.
How does that saying go? Something about don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today. HA! That's why tomorrows are so wonderfully fantastic. That's the sole purpose why it was invented. I GET to put things off because I tell myself, "Well, there's always tomorrow!" (Lord willing) For those of you who know me really well, you know that this does not sound like me at all.
So, ready or not..and hopefully I'm more ready than not...I'm waiting for tomorrow (shoot...I only have 20 more minutes until it is tomorrow!)
Here is my list of things that I have been putting off that cannot hide from tomorrow:
1. My exercise program. In February, I gave myself a year to lose 40 pounds. With a loss of only seven pounds, I realize that I only have 9 months left. I will find time to burn more calories than I take in.
2. My diet. I will burn more calories than I take in. By the way...did you know that there are 3500 calories in pound? I have some work to do....tomorrow.
3. My prayer life/devotion time. No more cuddling for an hour with Luke in the mornings. I need to be nourished through God's word.
4. Keeping my daily schedule that I was so great at keeping before. This includes all of my chores, meal planning and playing with the kiddos.
5. Keeping Bill a major priority. He tends to get put on the back-burner.

This is what I just read from a book that I've been reading for ladies' Bible study, "As you finally stretch out in bed, wearily pull up the covers, and sink your head into the waiting pillow, you can know you have slipped another pearl onto your strand. This costly pearl is the most magnificent prize awaiting a woman after God's own heart. The reward for living life God's way is immeasurably, unspeakable, and indescribably wonderful" (A After God's Own H.eart by Elizabeth George).

So, this all awaits me...and for one last time, I'm going to take comfort in the fact that I will get to it "tomorrow". Shoot...only 5 more minutes until tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Peace and Quiet

I have a few minutes of peace and quiet. Katelyn and Luke are both sleeping and I am finally getting to share some pictures with you. Here are just a few random photos of what we've been up to. We've been working in the yard a ton (gardening and cutting down trees), going to graduations (yeah, Travis!), playing on Shelby's new playground equipment, and just REALLY enjoying being outside. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It Figures

We went into town today to run errands and thought it would be a good time to get the oil changed in the van. We pulled up to the lube station, Bill went inside and quickly came out.

"What's up?" I questioned.
"They're out of oil!"

You know it's going to be a bad day when the oil station is out of oil.
Better luck next time...I hope!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Are you kidding me?

I happened to catch the first couple of minutes of "The Vi-ew" this morning. Did any of you see it? I hardly ever watch this show. As a matter of fact, it's very rare that we have the T.V. on at this time of the morning. But, what I heard in just those first couple of minutes made my draw drop and I have been bothered by it ever since.

The hosts were talking about the new Tom Ha-nks movie coming out today, "Ang-els and De-mons" the sequel to "The Da-Vinci Co-de". One host asked the other, "Do you believe that there is an after life?" One of the hosts said "yes, absolutely" and then gave some crud that wasn't supported Biblically to back it up.
Then, Barb-ara Wal-ters and Joy whats-her-name said that they did not believe in anything at all. THEN, if that weren't shocking enough, Whoo-pi Gold-berg said, "God never says anything about people going to hell. He just wants us to love everyone."
Oh my. Maybe I'm naive, but I assumed that even though most people are probably not saved, they most likely do believe that there is a God. Where did Whoo-pi get her basis to even say such a quote? Have any of these women read any part of the Bible?

I am still flabbergasted. If this isn't a wake up call, people, I don't know what is. Why am I assuming that most Americans believe there is a God? Maybe the reality is that most people don't believe in anything!

What this proves is that simply believing isn't enough.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I do have things to say...

So, I do have things to blog about. But, I have so much to blog about that it seems overwhelming. It's not that it's anything that exciting, but it has been so busy around here. I'd like to upload some pictures too, but that takes a little extra time that I feel that I don't have. I'm being lazy. So, I'm going to mimic my good friend, Makila's blog, and just give you a few one-to-two-liners that should sum up the past couple of weeks.

The last weekend in April we went to Sioux City. Bill had a conference there and I got to visit some friends. Fun was had by all. I always cherish time with those people.

I started softball practice. I am going to coach the 18 and under girls this year and should have a good team.

Luke got really sick last Thursday night. He had a high fever and a sore throat. Of course, I panicked and thought we would all die from the swine flu. He was fine by Saturday (remind me to blog about my trip to the doctor's on Friday...that's a whole separate post in and of itself).

Katelyn started eating rice cereal. I really don't like starting her so early, but the little rascal won't take a bottle. So, when I have Premier shows, Bill or my mom have no way to feed her. She likes rice cereal and is getting used to the whole spoon concept.

I kept Luke in all weekend in fear that he had the flu. I'm a weirdo.

Bill did a lot of yard work over the weekend: tilled up the garden, took the landscaping pond out, mowed, fertilized and cut part of our walnut tree down.

I hyper-extended my knee because of Jillian's S.hred. I took one day off but will be back to it tomorrow. No guts, no glory.

Because I had a day off, I had ice cream tonight. Now I feel guilty.

I'm off to bed. Part of me wants to stay awake even though it is way past my bed time. I think I want to stay awake because I am really enjoying the peace and quiet.