Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Can Think of Way Better Names

So, I decided to see what Jillian M.i.c.h.a.e.l.'s 30-day Shred workout video was all about. There has been so much buzz generated about it lately, and I thought I'd give it a whirl. It is only a 20 minute workout, after all.

So, after the first day of 30,and much anticipated, long days, I will now be calling it several names: 30-day go to bed, 30-day dead, 30-day under-fed, 30 day-dread, 30-day kick in the head, or 30-day I need some meds.

I was also excited to see my G.a.z.e.l.l.e. Edge that I ordered sitting on my doorstep yesterday when I came home. I'm looking forward to using it as well while watching some of my favorite shows at night. If I'm going to get to my goal weight, I better get going.

As Jillian says, "You're not going to lose weight for free." Trust me, Jill, you and I will be best buds for AT LEAST the next 30 days!


Janna said...

Go Tiff!!! I'll have to look into that workout. One I have liked in the past is Denise Austen's "Shrink your Female Fat Zones" It's more of a toning workout, but it always kills me postpartum when all those ab muscles have disintegrated into nothingness. Her voice IS a bit grating though . . . ;o)

Makila said...

I have the 30 day shred too. I've done it a few times but need to get back to it!