Thursday, April 16, 2009


We had a great Easter weekend. Saturday morning, Bill took off early to help his sister move, and my parents came up to spend the day. We packed that day full of Easter activities, starting off with the Easter egg hunt at the school. Luke was VERY excited and his competitive nature came out, as he stood in a "get ready" position waiting for the word, "Go!"

He did well and picked up all sorts of eggs and candy strewn all over the football field.

As it turns out, Luke is an expert egg hunter. He found a prize egg and waited with such anticipation to see what his prize would be. "Do you think it will be a car, Momma?" He waited patiently...

As they pulled the prizes from the bag, all of the parents gave the look that expressed, "What in the HECK ARE YOU THINKING!?!"

Of course! Why WOULDN'T you get the kids a HUGE chocolate Easter Bunny? How appropriate with it being Easter and all. Thank you, Shelby Chamber. Thank you.

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Janna said...

He, he--that is one BIG bunny! Bon appetit!