Thursday, October 23, 2008

What prayer can do

Bill and I have been working very hard at teaching Luke to pray. We've been teaching him a mix of prayers from the heart and recited prayers, but it's funny how sometimes our "free flowing" prayers tend to say the same things, making them more like recited prayers. Did you follow that? Gosh, I'm getting pretty intellectual for a blog!
For instance, I must say "Bless this food to our bodies" a little too much. Every time I don't say it, Luke reminds me, "Momma! Bless our bodies! You forgot that piece!" I think I need more variety to my prayers! Anyways, last night when we sat down to eat, Bill began to pray for the meal.
Luke interrupts, "I want to say the prayer!" Bill and I gave each other a quick glance. Great!
"OK, Luke. You can lead the prayer."
He squeezes his eyes shut and begins, "And now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. Guide me through this starry night and wake me up when the sun shines bright. And BLESS OUR BODIES! AMEN!"


Makila said...

I LOVE it! Children praying is so sweet. Danielle goes on and on and's rather amusing. Seth, of course, is to the point and doesn't elaborate on anything! :) Miss you.

Laura said...

This is too cute!!! My eyes started to well up a bit when I read this at work this afternoon!

You guys are such great parents! I'm going to need you to write a book on how to do things so my kids turn out like Luke has!! Or you may just get lots of phone calls in a couple years. :-)