Friday, October 17, 2008


Oh my stars...where have I been? I've been me. Maybe not completely "here" though. It has been the busiest week of the school year by far...let me just give you some insights.
It all started last Friday...

1. My folks had last Friday off of work. Luke and I went down to hang out and then that night, we had a wedding to attend. Bill met us at the reception. They had cheesecake...yummo.

2. Saturday morning was fun...My parents, Bill, Luke and I went out to eat breakfast at Village Inn. We all had stomach aches afterwards...too rich. Plus, they charge $4.57 for a glass of OJ! Ridiculous! Should've went to Cracker Barrel. Then we did some shopping. We went to the new Kohls (super fun) and then stopped at a massive garage sale. I found some old records. Luke and I have been enjoying Mary Poppins and the Music Man.
Later that day, I had a Premier show. Then later later that night, we had supper with friends.

3. Sunday we went to church with my folks and then headed to Nebraska City to find pumpkins, visit the orchards and celebrate my Uncle's birthday. It was a blast, but my camera was out of batteries. What in the heck? How am I supposed to blog about the fun time we had without pictures? My brother, Travis, took some pics with his cell phone, but I have yet to see those.

4. We stayed in Lincoln Sunday night b/c Bill had an administrative meeting in Lincoln. Mom took the morning off. We went to Gordman's (my favorite) and ate lunch with my Grandma. That night, I had Premier training, so it worked out well for us to be in town.

5. Tuesday I did 8, yes 8, loads of laundry. It took me ALL day. That night we had to travel to the volleyball game.

6. Wednesday I cleaned house ALL day. It was a mess. Well, maybe I should say it was a mess by my standards. Wednesday night I had choir practice at church.

7. Thursday I had to substitute teach at school in...Kindergarten. Yuck. There was a reason that I taught 5th grade. Actually, it wasn't a bad day...just long. I only had to clean one poopy bottom. I think it was more that I wasn't used to being on my feet all day long. I was so tired that I fell asleep on the way home from Columbus (we ate at Valentino's with Bill's sister). I'm still feeling a little groggy this morning. I am such a wuss!

Now we come to today...Luke and I are currently cuddling in bed watching Little Einsteins. I'm cherishing every moment of our little morning routine, as I found out yesterday what it was like for millions of American women, who have to get their families all ready in order to get out the door at a certain time. Praise the Lord that I am able to stay home!

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