Monday, October 6, 2008

Kids Say the Funniest Things

Sorry to all of you people who stalk my blog. My internet has been down all weekend and let me tell you, it was a ton harder on me than it was on you! Turns out that I had a bad modem. Oh well, all is fixed now. Phew...

I just have to tell you the cutest thing. At our church, kids can start going to Sunday School when they are two, so Luke has been going to Sunday School for quite some time. He LOVES Sunday School and we hear the cutest stories. We always ask him what he learned. Last week, the theme was that God knows everything. The story was about how Adam ate the fruit from the tree even when God told him not to. For this young of kids, the curriculum does not use the names of the people, however. Instead of saying "Adam" it says to use "The Man". They do use God's name, but try to keep it simple other wise. This is, for the most part, a good idea. Except when it comes to my son...the detail-oriented child. This is how our post-Sunday School conversation went:
Tiffany "What did you learn in S.S. today, babe?"
Luke, "I learned that God ate the cherry from the tree and that was a really BAD CHOICE!"

Don't worry, we did some clarifying! Bill and I just laughed and laughed.

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Makila said...

I'm so sad for you that your internet was down. How tragic! :)