Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So here it is! Our Arizona vacation pictures are finally here. I downloaded the pictures in reverse order to the way our trip actually took place, so just imagine yourself taking our trip starting from the last days to the first days!
The above picture is Story Hour at the Grand Can.yon with Ranger Nick. He did a very good job and Luke loved his story.

So, I don't know how this picture slipped in with the Grand Can.yon! No, it is not the Grand Can.yon, but Meteor Crater! It is the ruins from a meteor that dropped to Earth some time ago. Fascinating. Of course, being paranoid, I wouldn't let Luke get too close to the edge. The guardrail behind the boys was the only thing that separate the sidewalk from a straight drop down to the bottom. The Apollo 11 team prepared for their mission here at the crater sight.

Pictures do not do the Grand Can.yon justice. Breathtaking. Don't look too far over the edge. Just beyond the brick wall is quite a "drop" down the canyon!

This picture is taken at a shopping area in Sedona. I can't pronounce the name of it, so I won't even try! Sedona was quite beautiful. Very touristy and very new age. Like Bill said, "Well, I guess the psychics will know that we won't be coming to visit them today!"

This image welcomed us to Rock State Park just outside Sedona. Gotta love the cheeks. Who wears speedos anyway? Rock is a natural rock formation that has natural slides, shoots and swimming holes. The first day we came here, we were not prepared. The next day, we brought our speedos, I mean suits.

Luke and Kate on the rocks.

Katelyn and me dipping our toes in the icy water. It was freezing but we still brought our swimsuits to partake in the fun!

Here we are at the safari park ( I can't actually remember the name). At the beginning, we took a bus tour which allowed us to see several exotic animals upclose!

The bus driver gave us biscuits to feed the giraffe. It was exciting!

Grandma Curry, Katelyn and me. All smiles here but I'm really disguising my true feelings. It was about 110 degrees and so hot that I almost passed out on the bus. Why did I wear black?

Here we are celebrating Collin's birthday. Happy 2nd birthday, love!

This was taken shortly after we arrived in Phoenix and just before we went to the water park close to the Taylors' home.

We had a great trip and you have no idea the sense of accomplishment I feel now that I have this post done! I didn't download pictures from the trip to the Phoenix children's museum or Bob, Bill and Leigh's trip to a Diamondback game. We made such memories and it was quite a way to top off the summer!


Makila said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Looks like fun but HOT! :)

Janna said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! Glad you guys could do it. I TOTALLY understand how you feel about kids and edges/ledges, I was internally a nervous wreck at Niagara Falls, just waiting for someone to scale a railing and topple over. I could visualize a million different ways it couls happen . . .