Saturday, August 8, 2009

11:03 and Counting

It's quiet.
It's 11:03 p.m.
The only sounds are the humming of the a/c (thank you, God)
And the bugs hitting our glass door trying to "follow the light".
I should be in bed.
But I'm not.
Bill is fast asleep, of course.
I've been busy all day.
Visited a great friend.
Attended a wedding.
And now, I'm making desserts.
My mother-in-law's birthday is tomorrow.
I said I'd make a fruit pizza.
Bill bought the ingredients.
I ran to Super Tar-get to get things he forgot...twice.
It's 11:06.
My mother-in-law is allergic to dairy.
I forgot about that.
Fruit pizza has cream cheese in it.
A LOT of cream cheese.
So, decided to make an angel food cake too.
Still have to frost both of them.
But I must wait until they cool.
It's 11:08.
Bill wants me to get up with him in the mornings
To see him off
Why isn't he up with me
If I have to get up with him?
Must be love.
It's 11:09.


Janna said...

Forget the frosting--whipped cream and strawberries that's all you need. ;o) (and whipped topping is dairy free!)

Makila said...