Monday, August 17, 2009

School Days

I started Preschool with Luke today. We do have a preschool in town, but who better to teach Luke than me? After all, I do have a teaching degree. When I taught school, I always requested the upper-elementary aged kids. They were in the process of becoming young adults and often times, laughed at my jokes (which were often times, horrible).
After today, I know why I like those older kiddos. Luke high-maintenance. He was so super excited (which was cute) that he kept hugging me (more like strangling) and gave me huge monster kisses. He wanted to do the next activity before we even got through with the first one. I never thought that learning the days of the week could be so exciting. I had to remind myself time and time again that he IS only three years old.
So, we filled out the calendar, talked about the days of the week, and decided that it was warm and cloudy out. For math, we did some coin counting. He loved sorting pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters into a muffin tin. We counted and sorted and counted and sorted some more.
After that, we played Alphabet BINGO, which Luke really liked. I had him say the sound that the letter made when he put his marker on the letter. He's really good at that, but gets confused by "W" every time. He thinks it makes the sound "Double U". Makes sense.
Take into consideration that I have never ever seen a preschool curriculum. I looked online for some, but wasn't satisfied. So, I'm making it up as I go. Any suggestions are more than welcome.
We have a nice little room that isn't being used downstairs that we have transformed into our school room. Luke helped me put up all of the posters on the walls. He loves preschool and when we finished today, he turned off the lights and said, "Good-bye school room. See you tomorrow. Mom? Is tomorrow Tuesday?" HA...I guess he was listening.


Janna said...

Looks awesome Tiff! Where did you end up getting your calendar (and the alphabet too)? I'm hoping to implement some sort of circle/meeting time in our mornings with the boys seeing as they get left out of our regular afternoon schooling time.

Janna said...

In answer to your question, follow the "muffin tin monday button" on my blog, to the mtm blog, over on the left she posts in advance themes or "no theme" where you do your own thing. I know some people who have preschoolers do a theme that coincides with what they are learning. I love looking through all the pictures--these ladies are so creative!

Makila said...

How fun. Luke will love school.