Saturday, December 20, 2008

It All Comes Down to This

Well, friends, the arrival of this little bundle of joy is getting closer and closer by the day. I often find myself daydreaming about this little one that God is continuing to put the finishing touches on. But, then I come back to reality and realize the magnitude of things that need to be done before he/she comes.
You see, we've chosen to deliver the baby in Lincoln, using the same doctor that delivered Luke. I am completely comfortable with this decision, and am so excited to have the same great experience giving birth to this one as I did with Luke. However, this does present some problems. We live just over an hour from Lincoln. So, with each "little" snowstorm that comes, I pray, "God, please help me not to go into labor today." This is a little stressful, I must admit. Especially the other evening when it was snowing, thundering and lightening all at the same time, I was thinking, this weather is just quirky enough that it may put me into labor. Fortunately, that never happened.
Bill and I decided that on Tuesday, the 23rd, we'll go to my folks', who live in Lincoln, and just set up camp there until the baby arrives.
This little fact means that we have to have things ready to go and the house in order by Tuesday, because the next time we will come back, we will be bringing baby back with us. Is that not crazy or what??? So, Bill is working on his "honey do" list while I try to keep my feet up to relax.
Poor any of you remember the last part of your pregnancy and how irritated you get with people in general? I try to remain calm with Bill because he truly does try his very best, but at times, I'm sure he feels as if he can do nothing right. Anyways, here are some projects that I am having him do (isn't it sad that I have drug this poor man into my obsessive nesting?)
1. Fix the toilet downstairs for overnight guests
2. Take old toys of Luke's from upstairs to the toy room downstairs
3. Go through toys downstairs and "weed out"
4. Get all electronics ready for delivery...cameras, computer, etc.
5. Load the van
6. Get haircuts
7. Clean the house/do laundry
8. Call the post office to stop the mail
9. Call the neighbor to ask him to look after the house
10. Listen to and obey my every word.

I'm sure there's more that I'll add to the list before Tuesday. But, please be praying for our family as this is such an exciting time. Pray that things go smoothly with delivery and all others activities that follow. We will keep all of you informed on the latest news!


Janna said...

What are you doing blogging at 3:30in the morning?!?!? ;o) I am not the most fun person those last few weeks either--that incessant need to COMPLETE THE LIST. Glad you'll be in Lincoln though, that should put your mind at ease. Do let me know (through facebook/email or whatever) when baby Curry has arrived. I'll try to stop by and visit you at the hospital. Josh will probably tag along too as he likes the free pop. ;o)

Makila said...

Tiff, you can stop your mail online and not have to call the post office. :)

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks too.

Love you!

3cookieday said...

I like #10. When is your due date? If you get bored, you can come over. : ) I'm not really great company right now, but Naomi would love having someone to play with!

Tiffany said...

No, no, Janna. It wasn't 3:30 that I posted that blog, it was 4:30!!!! HA I'm not getting much sleep, so while I'm up, I blog!

Tiffany said... honestly think that this small town would do anything online? They barely take debit cards at this post office! It's OK though...I made Bill stop the mail!