Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hi, all! I've been such a bloggy slacker lately. I enjoy reading everyone else's, but there is absolutely no motivation for me to get going on mine. I think it's that "end of the pregnancy" phase that gets me so tired and unmotivated. Anyways...I thought I'd at least post some promised pictures! The first set is from my family's annual Christmas baking day. You'll see the magnitude of the project that is always at hand. And, believe it or not, this year, we scaled way back!
Luke and my cousin, Samantha, decorating like crazy!

A kitchen full of bakers and cookie roller-outers!

The newest member of decorating day, Ezra, taking a snooze.

Even more decorating.

Almost done...

The next series is a gingerbread house that Luke and I made. At first, we tried going off of a pattern, but then we did away with that and made our own creation. Luke was very helpful, but did eat a lot of the candy.


Makila said...

Did you cut your hair? It looks cute in the picture!

Tiffany said...'s the new "mommy" cut!