Wednesday, January 6, 2010

From the "What it's Worth Department"

I have a friend who is a mother of two and works full time. She is considering quitting her job to stay home and was quizzing me about my daily activities. She was curious whether my full-time job as a mom, wife, do-it-all, fix-it-all, know-it-all (and yes, of course I do) got boring, mundane or monotonous. I told her that I would keep track of what I did for one day and report back to her. I had never actually done this, but it proved to be worth while. Not only does my friend get a glimpse into the life of this stay-at-home mom, but Bill gets to see what I ACTUALLY do during the day and I get the chance to look over my list and say to myself, "Yes, I was productive today", even if I did watch an old rerun of "18. and" and "Lit.tle Miss Per.fect" (what can I say? I love reality TV).
So, the following was my day on Tuesday. Some days aren't this busy, other days are busier. So, for all of you curious of a day in the life of me, get some hot tea, a blanket and keep on reading...

6:00 a.m. Katelyn rises and shines. We cuddle under the blankets & give Eskimo kisses
6:30 Bill leaves to drive the bus route (ah, the life of a principal; glorious, huh?) Luke wakes up. The kids cuddle in bed and watch while I do my devotions (I try to get it in whenever I can!)
7:00 Pull off all's Clean Sheet Day! Start a load of laundry
7:15 Make breakfast and unload the dishwasher (I HATE unloading the dishwasher. I'd rather clean a whole house than unload a dishwasher. Don't ask).
7:40 Everyone brushes teeth and gets dressed
8:00 Change laundry. Luke plays in his new batman costume while Katelyn dumps all of my books out of the basket under my night stand (a daily ritual).
8:10 Pick up a trail of toys, go through the mail and set aside bills that need to be paid
8:20 Get workout clothes on
8:30 I work out while Luke plays in the toy room and Katelyn pretends to be my personal trainer (have you ever tried to do jumping jacks while a 1 year old is holding on to your DOES add a certain element of difficulty).
9:00 Snacks for the kids. Pull the high chair into our room so Katelyn can watch TV with Luke while I hop in the shower and get ready for the day.
9:30 Get on shoes, hats, gloves, coats (doesn't it just irk you that it takes 20 extra minutes to get ready to go anywhere just because of the subzero temps???)
9:50 Chiropractic adjustment, and feeling much more aligned. All is right with the world.
10:15 Arrive home. Katelyn goes down for a late nap. I play catch with Luke (and yes, in the house).
10:40 Take all of the Christmas totes downstairs
11:00 Preschool with Luke. He insisted on wearing his batman costume during preschool. Too funny. Oh, and I had to call him Batman instead of Luke. Can you imagine, "Good golly gee, batman, it is Tuesday, January 5th!)
11:30 Luke and I pick up the toyroom and I put new sheets on the bed downstairs.
11:45 I check my e-mail/blogs/fb
12:00 Katelyn awakes and I prepare lunch
12:10 Serve lunch
12:12 Take a phone call regarding Premier
12:30 Clean up and enjoy a cup of coffee while the kids play
12:45 Dress the beds with fresh clean sheets
12:55 Play with the kids
1:45 Read books and settle down
2:00 Kids "down" for a nap. I use "down" loosely because this usually includes 15 minutes of Luke making Katelyn laugh and gleeful giggles coming from their room. I don't ever go in a stop it because it's too darn cute.
2:05 Time to work on Premier...make phone calls and send e-mails.
2:30 Watch a little T.L.C. and organize my sock drawer (I hardly ever watch TV without doing something else at the same time. That way I don't feel guilty about watching because I was actually a wee bit productive too). As a matter of fact, I organized all of my drawers and Bill's while the kids were down for a nap.
3:30 Read a couple of chapters in the book I'm currently reading and a few more chapters in the book of Acts.
4:00 Shut my eyes for a power nap.
4:20 Kids awake.
4:30 Prepare an early supper (spaghetti) so that we can go to Bill's basketball game at 6:00.
5:00 Eat, clean up, get ready to go.
6:15 We're out the door.

And so, this is all from the "What it's Worth Department". Is it hard work? You bet. Does it ever get boring? You bet. Do my kids ever drive me nuts? You bet (times 20) Is it worth it?


Janna said...

I HATE unloading the dishwasher too--so now I have the girls do it for me. Sometimes things aren't quite in the right spot, but it's worth it to have a "magically" empty dishwasher.

Thanks for sharing your day. Sometimes it is good for us to keep track of what we do. Right after I got home from the hospital and was doing NOTHING and my house completely showed it, actually made me feel good in a way. I discovered that even if I think I'm mismanaging my time I'm still a fairly productive and efficient person. That's always a good discovery! ;o) STAY WARM!!!

Makila said...

100% worth it.