Tuesday, December 22, 2009


As promised, here is my update. Nothing too exciting, but enough info. to keep all three of my blog stalkers satisfied.

I didn't get Christmas cards sent this year. I thought and thought and thought about when/what I should do about it. I figure that some may enjoy getting something after the new year, right? As most of you know, I'm not a procrastinator, but this year I have been dreading my Christmas letter and I can't pin point exactly why. My first excuse was that I lost all of the addresses that were saved in my laptop (a true statement). It has been nice to gather addresses again as I've received others' cards.

Katelyn has been doing so many fun things lately. It's amazing how in just a day's time she grows and does new things. I can hardly believe that she's going to be one next week. So, when do I stop calling her a baby and start calling her a toddler? She's walking all over the place and she talks, talks, talks. We hear a lot of "Dada, Mama, Papa, Bye, Hi, Uh-oh, entle (gentle-where do you think she's heard that?), and tonight, she did say grandma (which my mom was very pleased about beings that Luke took forever to muster out "grandma". He often called her "Shishem". We think he was trying to say Williamson. Who knows. And, I can gleefully say, all she got for Christmas was her 2 front teeth".... along with a few other things, of course.

Luke and I have been having fun with our advent calendar. We've made snow globes, a gingerbread house, peppermint playdough, have taken a ham to the city mission, delivered cookies to our neighbors and sipped hot cocoa while driving around looking at Christmas lights. It will be weird to get back into preschool in January. I have to start thinking about my lesson planning so we can make an easy transition.

We've joined the Columbus Y and love it. They have Y care for the kids, which allows me to workout. I only go 2 days a week and sometimes on Saturday to open swim. I wish it could be more, but it's hard when we have to go to Columbus to use the facility. I try to work out 2 hours while I'm there. I still need to lose about 15-20 more pounds until I feel satisfied. Ugh.

Bill is busy which equals him being gone... a lot. The school is in need of a morning bus driver and until they find one, Bill is the go-to man. He leaves the house at 6:30 a.m. and doesn't get home until 6:30p.m. (he coaches basketball after school). You just have to love living in a small community...he's a one man band most times.

Maybe I haven't felt up to writing my Christmas letter because I usually say all that I want to say through blogging. It's way more convenient and way cheaper. Oh, lahdee dah...maybe it will end up being a Valentine's Day letter. That would be a new one, wouldn't it? Wouldn't you be excited to get a family letter after the holidays? Why does it all have to stop after Christmas (can you tell I'm trying to justify my laziness? Nice.)

Have a Merry Christmas, all. Remember why we celebrate Christmas. I often think of the Herdmens in the book "The Best Chris-tmas Pageant Ever"; Christ has never been about beauty and elegance. He was ordinary, common and yet, a wonderful Savior.


Makila said...

:) Last year I created Easter cards for a family. They always send Easter cards instead of Christmas cards. :) Just a thought.

Glad you are well.

Janna said...

Merry Christmas to your family!!! Laughing at Luke calling your mom Shishem. Hope Katelynn has a wonderful first birthday--where does a year go?