Friday, December 4, 2009

Our Daily Advent

I love the idea of creating traditions that my family will grow to love. Ones that they will look forward to each year. This Christmas time is no different. I'm constantly thinking of what I can do to make Christmas special and unique for our family. So, when I went to Fam.ily Christ.ian in search of an advent calendar, I was thrilled when I found this...

As you open up the calendar, there is a mini book for each day of December.

The books can be pulled out by an attached string and can be used as an ornament on your tree. I'm too picky about what goes on my tree, however, so the mini books stay in the calendar.

This following picture is a bit fuzzy, but each book contains a short story. December 1st starts with the creation of the world and December 24th is the birth of Jesus. So far, we have covered creation, the fall of Adam and Eve, Noah's ark and yesterday, the book included the words to "Oh Come All Ye Faithful".

And, as a true blogger and mom, I have copied a fantastic idea from a friend. I use the advent calendar not only for the story, but I also slip a piece of paper behind the book. Written on that piece of paper is a Christmas project for Luke and me to complete on that particular day.

Luke gets so excited to see what our project for the day is. So far we've: Watched "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", made gingerbread cookies, decorated the gingerbread cookies and made a Santa door hanger.

I LOVE making memories.

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Janna said...

What a neat advent calendar!! I haven't been into Family Christian in forever (most of my book shopping has become online only). Hope you guys have an awesome December! This whole countdown thing is keeping me busy, but I must admit it is a very good distraction to the other coming attraction. ;o)