Monday, December 21, 2009

Man That Works? Monday

Now introducing...
Da da da da da da daaaa!!! (Trumpets)
The CLEAN SWEEP! Have you ever been able to catch the show on TLC? I love this show. Something about it gives me warm fuzzies. Maybe it's the idea that it forces people to ditch things (usually odd things like the first tooth they ever lost...ewww).
I am by no means a pack rat. I'm quite opposite, actually, so organizing and sorting makes me feel complete. "It completes me" (Thank you for that oh-so-wonderful line Jerry So, PK (pre-kids) when we were DINKS (double income no kids), Bill and I started having a clean sweep of our own. We'd always do it over Christmas break, beings that we were both off of school, and we still do it to this day. We start in one room and take everything in that room and put it in the middle of the floor. Then, piece by piece we sort it all into piles of keep, donate or ditch. You would not believe the number of things we have gotten rid of over the years. And, every year, I feel like I can breathe once again and officially am decluttered. L-O-V-E it.
Now, of course, we don't go into as much detail because obviously with kids, we have more things. But, we still do the general concept. Even if it's just one closet, do it. Take it all out and dump it into a pile on the floor. Force yourself to go through it. You will be greatly rewarded (unless, of course, you're just not as weird as I am).

FYI-I fully intend to get you a full update on the happenings around here tomorrow (without pictures...we are in need of a new camera battery). I'm sure you all won't be able to sleep tonight because of the anticipation, right?


Makila said...

I'll be waiting!!

MO said...

Tiffany! That's awesome. I am the same way, but my house doesn't look like it. (Long story, let's just say I love my husband and value my marriage more than a clean house!) I can handle it so long and then I declare a clean up time. Since my definition of clean seems to vary greatly from the rest of the family, I finally found what works. It has to look "Better Homes and Gardens" perfect. Meaning,I want it to look like a page from the magazine. They get it and I get a clean house!