Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas Shopping Tip #2

I was just reminiscing about all of the fantastic and not so fantastic Christmas gifts that I got from my students when I was teaching. I thought that I'd take time to give all of you moms out there a little wisdom when it comes to shopping for that favorite school or Sunday School teacher. There is a craft to it all. Let me explain.
Now, keep in mind that I taught at a school where kids were pretty "well off" so the gifts were always truly amazing, but they can be truly amazing without going overboard.
Here are a few simple rules:
1. Skip giving the standard Christmas ornament. Teachers get a ton of these and most likely, regift them!
2. Avoid going for the decorations with "teacher sayings" on it. The chalkboard sign that says, "Teachers rule" on it can only be hung on so many walls.
3. Do go for the gift card. These are the absolute best gifts ever.
4. Bath & Body Works is a teacher's friend.
5. Don't give books, especially ones about being a teacher. Teachers read about teaching all you really think they want to read about their jobs any more than that? And if they do, they need to get a life. Instead, let them pick out their own book by giving them a Barnes & Noble gift card. Personally, I'd use it on the Starbucks inside B&N, but that's my opinion.
6. Most female teachers love a good smelling candle. I always did.
7. Have your child send a personal note along with the gift. I've saved every single one of these I've ever received.
8. Get creative. I had a pizza delivered to my house for supper once from one of my student's families. That was a fantastic idea!
9. Do not give Christmas socks or any wearables for that matter. Teachers feel obligated to wear them and students get feelings hurt when they don't. Even scarves are a no-no. They usually end up at the staff Christmas party as a white elephant gift.
10. Stay away from Holiday pins. I have several pins, including one that lights up whenever it detects motion. How annoying! P.S. Keep this in mind unless you're calling me so I can order them something from Premier, that is!

I hope this all was very helpful to you! I'll be looking forward to next week so I can bestow some more Christmas Shopping ideas on you all!


Makila said...

How about a pedicure gift certificate, oh wise one? That's what I'm thinking about for Seth's teacher.

Tiffany said...

Fabulous, darling! Good thinking!