Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Joys of Owning a Home

Home projects...always seem fun and easy, but do they ever turn out that way? Bill and I finally had a weekend with absolutely no agenda. Perfect! Maybe we can get some of those little home projects done. We had a long list of things that we needed to do...paint the front door, get some more landscaping done, scrape the trim in preparation for painting, change some light bulbs, pick out some tile for our new gas fireplace, install the carbon monoxide detector, install a new shower head and let's see...did I miss anything? Nope, I think that pretty well covers it. Now, we did get a lot of our "fixing" done, but now it's 6:00 p.m. and we have to run back to Columbus to take back the light bulbs (wrong size) and exchange the shower head because it's not working out. Ho hum....well, the front door does look nice, even though we still need another coat of paint on it. And, we will have to save the trim for another weekend. Usually, these projects that don't go well lead to at least one argument, but I have become wiser with age. If I just don't expect things to go well, then I won't be disappointed if they don't and I'll be really excited if they do. Does that sound completely bad? Am I a bad wife? Bill does a great job with home projects, but it always takes a little longer than planned. I guess I've just learned to not get my undies in a bunch about such things. Anyways...I'll give you an update Monday with pictures so that you can see our progress on projects...wish us luck!

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