Thursday, September 9, 2010

We've been here all along

We have been here all along. The summer went exactly as I had hoped it would. Memories were made. Stress was gone. We had a ball.

We traveled.

I celebrated.

We took chances.

We loved on our family.

We cheered.

And now, I'm back.


Janna said...

Welcome back!! I was just thinking of you last night, and realized I've missed knowing what you're up to. And I love your haircut by the way, you look like a stylish mama (much better than the pony tail and lack of make-up I've been sporting lately!). ;o)

Paige said...

Can't wait to see you SOON!

Makila said...

Oh how I've missed you!!!! So glad you're back.

Janna is right..CUTE hair. :)

MO said...

Love the song!! Fits my mood tonight, I need to go find Foreigner (or is it Journey?) on YouTube! See you in church tomorrow?

MO said...

Oh look! You scroll down far enough and there it is!! Journey (Philip told me it was Foreigner.):)