Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Currys...EXPOSED

Over the years, I have been the subject of much ridicule when it comes to my cleanliness.
Let's face it...
I love a clean house.
I cannot function properly without my house being in order.
Friends have mused, "Tiff, I see a pinch of dust on that end table. Better get your rag!"
"Is your house EVER messy?"
I definitely get a bad rap.
So, today, you will see the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
This is what my home looks like on a daily basis.
It's lived in. It's played in. It's eaten in.
It's raw. It's unleashed.
I'm sure it will make most readers' jaw hit the floor.
Truth be told, I am worried about the state that some of you will be in when you...

Ah, yes. When you come to my house and walk through the door, you will most likely see this:

Aside from a few toys here and there, the living room is always the most presentable, awaiting any unwanted, I mean, unplanned guests. But it's what you don't see that's the kicker. It's what's behind closed doors.

No, no, no. This isn't just a bad case of the "which shoe should I wears"?.
This is a horrible case of, "I'm too lazy to pick up my shoes".

Below you will see what appears to be a pack 'n' play. Looks can be deceiving. It doubles as my husband's clothes hanging service; AKA clothes "hanging" around until my wife puts them away.

Just a teeny example of dishes that are left out. This particular popcorn bowl and cup have been lurking since Tuesday night. Nevermind the sippy cup of milk I found underneath a blanket in the toy room. I think it's safe to say that curdled milk in a sippy cup definitely warrents an automatic toss in the trash.

Ah, yes, breakfast. I had to move coloring books and out of the way so my children could partake.

This is a fairly organized closet, but to me, it's just a sign of things that need to be done.

Bill's closet in his bathroom is definitely his area. I did, however, organize it last week.
That lasted.

Bill's bathroom. Enough said.

This is where it gets scary, folks. These are my laundry piles.

So, as you can see...I'm like most of you. I have messes. Sure, my messes may not last very long, but they are messes. It represents life. It's truth.
I could have showed you even more, but I thought I'd spare you the details of Luke's bathroom escapades or the sugar ants I found in my kitchen last week.
It just goes to show why I have a love-hate relationship with a messy house.
I hate it because it makes me cranky, stressed and to be frank, a little witchy.
I love it because when it's all cleaned up, the kids are in bed and I'm relaxed, I can take a deep breath and actually...


Julie said...


What a relief! Thanks for posting - you just made my day (doesn't take much, does it?!?) :)

Janna said...

Tiffany!!! I think you might hyperventilate if you showed up at my house, as you say, "unwanted." ;o) Your messes look like "tidy messes" to me. This area of organization though, it's not my strongest suit.

Jen said...

Was this hard for you? =) I told Kelsey the other day that you probably have to go home and shower after cleaning my house!

Paige said...

Ha! L-O-V-E this post!! Doors are wonderful inventions, huh?!

Makila said...

Your house looks like a HOME Tiff. I too like things I picked up and tidy and organized. But if it were always that way, we wouldn't be really living. We wouldn't be having fun, playing with toys, eating, or truly living. Yes, the messes can be maddening and sometimes I want to grab everything in my house and chuck it but living without the chaos just wouldn't be the same.

Love you.