Friday, March 26, 2010

Blogging...the good, the bad and the ugly

I have to admit; I am a horrible blogger. I really do like to blog because I like to write. And, I like the fact that I can look back through blogs of years' past and reminisce. But, there are some things that I do not like about blogging. My biggest pet peeve is downloading pictures. I think a blog with pictures is WAY more interesting than no pictures, but it takes extra time. I always think of tons of cute things to talk to you about, but get lazy in putting it into words. I've been wanting to post this video of Luke for the past week, but I know how long it will take to download it, so I skip it. Am I pathetic or what?
My friends' blogs inspire me. I wish I could be as creative as some, but then that wouldn't be 100% "me". Even now, I read back on what I have wrote and I think, "What a bunch of mumbled-jumbled disjointed phrases! Why would anyone want to read this?"
I've been meaning to change my Valentine's Day background and family CHRISTMAS PICTURE for months now and do something a little more creative. Truth is, it takes time to mess with the layout and having a different picture would actually require me to take another family picture.
I'm beginning to sound a wee bit lazy. And, yes, I'd have to agree with a little bit of that. I am bloggy lazy. I think I'm bloggy lazy because I'm not lazy in any other aspect of my life. Here are just a few of the things that occupy my time:
1. Maintaining a home
2. Preschool with Luke
3. Giving Katelyn snacks
4. Training for a 1/2 marathon
5. Supporting a successful independent business
6. Coaching a summer softball team and scheduling games
7. Playing with kids
8. Practicing the Easter cantata for our church (which you ALL should come. It will be fabulous)
9. Co-chairing Vacation Bible School
and for all of you who can't stand it when lists end with an odd number, this if for you...
10. Blogging on a very part-time basis

Now, I know that I choose all of these things, but at times, I feel like I have no choice. Do you ever feel that way? A lot of the things that I choose I truly love doing (and I can't say that training for a marathon is one of them).

I honestly do not know where I'm going with this blog. No where, probably. I want to do better. I have so many ideas floating around in my head. So, my question for all of you is...what time of day do you blog? How do you fit it in? What do you do about pictures? Isn't it annoying to you?

What a boring post. If you've made it to the end, congratulations! Now you can inspire me, or give me a swift kick in the pants.


Janna said...

That's just the thing though--at THIS time in our lives there are only so many things that can fit in. Training for a 1/2 marathon takes a lot of time! There is absolutely no way I could fit that in right now with Josh's schedule as it is. As far as making blogging more "workable" if I have an idea for a post, sometimes I do it in parts. Maybe I have 10 minutes to get pictures loaded in. Then I save it. Later I can come back and write. Or if you have a whole bunch of ideas hit you at once, do them in separate posts, and then schedule them to publish on whatever days you want. But in the end it's much more productive and wonderful to be busy with your REAL life, than your blog one. Do what you can, and don't sweat it. It's fun to catch up on your family no matter how often you post.;o)

Paige said...

You're funny. I'd never heard of the odd-numbered list. :) Your blog is GREAT! I think you're a bit too hard on yourself, dear.

Jen said...

When do I blog:
*Late at night.
*When the kids are nestled in and
I am completely aware that Ishould really be sleeping because tomorrow is coming quickly.
*The only time in the entire day that is mine and just about me.
*Late at night when I have time to process the reality of the day and should probably be in therapy but since the therapist won't see me at 10:30pm, I blog. That's when =)

Kim Rathe said...

I think I last blogged about 3 weeks ago. And to be honest, if I blogged every day my posts would be even more boring than they already are! I love reading your blog even if there's not a new post every day!

Makila said...

Sometimes it takes me an entire day to type a post. I have found that if I write when I can, I can add pictures easier later.

Blog when you can...

love you.