Monday, March 8, 2010

Letters I wish I had the nerve to write

Dear Mr. Cra.igs List Man,
You really had me going.
I was so excited when I got on Crai.igs List
Saturday morning and there it was in all its beauty...
"the" tread mill.
You see, my husband and I have been shopping
for a tread mill for some time.
We realize what we want and we also realize what we can afford,
so when you posted that you were selling your $1000 machine for just $300, I just had to call write away.
Bill and I pulled out of the driveway at 11:10 (just merely 1 hour after you posted...aren't you lucky?) when I called you.
"Hi, Todd? This is Tiffany."
"Hi, Tiffany. Are you on your way over?"
"Yes, right now. We should be there in 15 minutes."
"Great...we will see you then."
Oh, Toddy boy, it would've been lovely if you would've told me then that there was someone else coming to look at it.
So, when we got 2 blocks from your house and the phone rang,
we were rather surprised when you told us that you sold the tread mill.
Today is Monday. Just a few days ago was that fateful day. I thought about apologizing for my rather harsh, non christian-like words I had for you.
But, nah.
I just realized that turning 30 has made me a little more bold, a little more opinionated and a little more like my mother.

(Keep in mind, both instances happened in ONE day...the same day....oh lovely day)

Dear Mr. Fremont Car Salesman,
When we called you from Lincoln and told you we would be driving to Fremont (just an easy hour and fifteen minute drive) to look at the pickup YOU called US about, we were excited at the possibility of driving home that truck.
I guess we were WRONG to assume that you would've called us when you SOLD the truck so that we could have saved time and the miles on our car.
How silly of us.
How silly of us to think that you'd think to yourself,
"Well, just sold that pickup that the guy from Lincoln is driving all the way up to see. I had better call him so he doesn't waste his time."
My husband was a lot nicer to you than I would've been. You see, he has mellowed over the years, I have gone quite opposite.
Your lucky day.

With disrespect,


Paige said...

Oh my... These two "salesmen" are so. not. cool. I would be p.o.-ed too!

Julie said...


That's sort of hilarious!

And sort of not. :(

And I'm with you about becoming more like my mother - my mom calls it "being assertive" (that sounds nicer than being a witch, don't you think?) :)

Janna said...

Sorry you had such a yucky day! Those were two very thoughtless men--hope your week goes better! ;o)

Jen said...

Feel okay: I am sure Christian does not equal ~push over~ walk over me~ Stomp on my hand~ kick me while I'm down~ right!?! Surely! Sometimes you must defend! right! I suppose Christian would equal~looking for the lesson in between the lines!~ =) Hope today is better!

Makila said...

Oh dear. How RUDE!!!!!!

Very rude.

But this did make me smile. :)