Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This is What I know

*Warning: This blog may contain a little bit of TMI (too much information). So, for those of you whom do not want to hear about my failing body parts, I'd stop

I have had a hard time blogging lately (as you can tell). There really isn't a great reason other than the fact that I simply haven't felt up to it. Of course, there is a lot going on on an average day at the Curry household, but not anything so life-changing that I can't sit down and write a thought. So, today, I'm going to tell you about some of the things I do know...I tend to be wordy, so I will try to keep this short (laughs, snorts, etc).

* I know that I am beginning to HATE (wait, my mom always told me never to hate, so let's correct this) DESPISE winter. Could this be why I'm feeling unmotivated?

*I have cabbage in my bra. Yes, cabbage. It feels rather nice, quite actually, other than the fact that I smell like a

The reason I have cabbage in my bra is because I'm trying to wean Katelyn to only one feeding.

*My left bo.ob was gianormous on Monday night. I can imagine that it is how you'd feel if you were to get implants or if someone had pumped your breast full of air.

*I got a clogged duct because I was engorged. Should have thought about the cabbage earlier.

*The next natural line is to put why cabbage works for engorgement, but this is something I do NOT know.

*Katelyn has an ear infection...again.

*I haven't showered since yesterday morning. Ewww.

*The "bachelor" is a very dumb person.

*I am too old to try out for Amer.ican Id.ol. Thank goodness because I'd get laughed off the stage.

*Tyl.enol only works for 4 hours, not 6 like the bottle says.

*I just heard the dryer buzz and I'm tempted to go start it up again so I can put off folding clothes for another 30 minutes.

*I'm giving up fatty fast food for lent (not Catholic, just like the idea of giving something up to practice self-control and remembrance of Christ's work on the cross).

*I need to go now so I can get in the shower (I'm sure Bill will be elated).


Paige said...

l-o-v-e it... :)

Makila said...

you make me laugh.

:) Hope you are feeling better soon! :)

Janna said...

Engorgement is a pain like no other. :oP I was nursing during my whole brain surgery thing, so I kept up my milk supply by pumping for the 2 weeks I was gone. When I got back Jackson was not intersted at all. It felt like I had rocks in my bo.obs. A very painful week . . . Hope the cabbage works its magic.

Kim Rathe said...

Hilarious. I was going to do my next post on've inspired me. I did the cabbage with Hayden. It works, but stinks. BAD.