Thursday, February 18, 2010

Man That Works? Monday...but on Thursday...again

My friend, Makila, may be right. I hate to admit that, beings that she's been right 2 times within the last week. Anyways...I should probably just whip up a "Man That Works? Monday" post before Monday and then all I have to do is post it on Monday. I'm not a very forward-thinker...change is hard for me and anything that involves planning is a little off of my radar at this point in my life...a conservative at her finest.
Luke always brings home a magnitude of artwork from Sunday School and His Kids, not to mention work that we do here at home. I have tossed things away (and probably will continue to do so) but I stole an idea from another mom that I have absolutely taken to. I simply tape Luke's artwork to the inside of our cupboards in the kitchen. It is a hit! Every time we open cupboards, I get to see his creations and at the same time, it's not reeking havoc on my fridge, walls, etc. It's a win win!

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Janna said...

That is a cute idea--never thought of that!