Monday, November 16, 2009

Let's Keep it Simple-How 'bout a list?

I think it's pretty safe to say that I've fallen off the bloggy bandwagon (yes, Captain Obvious strikes again). I honestly can say that I feel overwhelmed by all of things that have been going on around here lately. All of these things are very blog-worthy, but I just haven't had the energy to sit down and write about it. So, this evening I told myself that I WOULD definitely write something out after the kids were all tucked in. To keep it simple, I thought I'd make a list. For those of you who know me well, this is very Tiffany-like. My left-brained tendencies can be obsessive most times, but in this case, it's my only hope in getting this blog done. Then, I'm hoping that I can just start over. Clean slate. So, as interesting or uninteresting as it may be here it is, in all of its glory, of course!

1. Luke and I are learning about penguins in preschool. I love getting the Mail-box magazine for preschool teachers (great ideas for my penguin unit). He is also beginning to put small words together and is very proud that he can count to 30.

2. Basketball season has officially begun which means that I will be on my own with the kids a lot more. Why is it that the sport that Bill has the most expertise in lasts longer than any other sport? Sheesh.

3. Halloween was great. We happened to be in Lincoln that day, so we stayed in town for the kids to trick-or-treat. Luke dressed up as Woody from Toy.Story and Katelyn was a ladybug. Luke LOVED the whole experience this year. As we went up to the doors, he'd say, "Mom, stay back...this is a Woody job!"

4. I made Pecan-crusted Salmon for supper tonight. It was great, but now I have heartburn. Exciting information, huh?

5. I turned the big 3-0 yesterday. Bill and my parents threw me a surprise party. I was overwhelmed and completely overjoyed to see so many of my closest friends and family there. What an amazing day.

6. I got new Christmas ornaments for my birthday and I'm totally excited about it. I'm going to have a "funky" tree. Woot!

7. I'm mostly done Christmas shopping. There are just a few things left. I love Christmas shopping because I love giving and finding that perfect gift for a person I love.

8. The kids were sick for about a week a few weeks back. It was tasking to have both of them sick, but I did enjoy playing nurse and taking care of my babes!

9. I'm doing a lot of Premier home shows. November is always so busy. I am definitely thankful for that, but it does mean a lot of trips to Lincoln. Good thing there's free babysitting there!

10. Seriously, I may need a Zantac.

11. The other evening, one of Luke's Cubbies teachers said, "Luke had a REALLY good night tonight!" What does that mean? Is he usually not good or was he just exceptionally good that one night?

12. Luke's great grandmother got him a subscription to "The Big Back-yard" and we LOVE reading it, along with Ran-ger Ri-ck. This month's feature was animals with antlers. So, tomorrow, we're going to make our own antlers for us to wear. We love projects at our house.

13. Katelyn is very close to walking. She walks 4 or 5 steps in between two people and just giggles. She's like my little tail and follows me all around the house. She waves bye-bye and says, "Bye!!!" So, now her words include, hi, bye, uh-oh, mooo and ho, ho, ho, for what Santa says. What a doll.

I'm sure there's more I could share, but I thought this would get me started again. It's about time for me to post some pictures too. Baby steps, people!


Janna said...

Crazy to think Katelynn is closing in on a year!! So glad you had a great birthday--30 isn't so bad . . . Until I started filling out my paperwork for the hospital and it asked my age and for the first time I actually had to on paper write 30. There was some slight mourning for the the missing #2 digit. ;o) Things definitely sound busy at your house--but I am very envious of your nearly finished Christmas shopping. Way to go!!

Makila said...

I want pictures of the funky tree.

I'm glad you had a good birthday.

I like the list.

I can't believe Kate is almost walking.

I miss you.

I'm glad you blogged.