Thursday, January 15, 2009

When the Mom Goes Down

So, now that I'm a mother of two, there is one more thing that I will have to work out. What happens when the mom doesn't feel well? What is a mother to do? If I just had Kate, no big deal. She sleeps away the day anyways. But, I have this little 3-year old munchkin that is full of energy. Every time I lie down, he is crawling on me, trying to open my eyes or tugging at my hair (Luke's favorite past time).
I'm not too sick. Not to be graphic, but on top of being worn out, I have a clogged milk-duct that hurts like the Dickens. The problem is, whenever I get tired, the duct hurts. What's the solution? Katelyn is now only waking up once in the middle of the night (hooray!). But, last night, Luke was up when Katelyn wasn't. He saw a light on and came out to explore at 3:00. Bill scadoodled him off to bed. Then, he woke up shortly there after to go to the bathroom. Then, Katelyn was making her typical baby noises. I could not get her to burp for the life of me at her feeding, so when she laid down, she kept spitting up. That kept me up too. UGH!
I'm so thankful that Bill will be home soon. He will be able to stay a few hours until he has to go back to work at 2:00. I'm so fortunate that he has a job that he can come home if need be. But, until then, PLEASE tell me what you do when you're sick and you have little ones to care for. Especially, when you're sick, it seems like they're a tad more demanding, aren't they?


Kelsey said...

when you figure it out let me know.. I'm sorry you arne't feeling good.. That is awesome that Katelyn is only waking up once a night.. so what time does she go down and wake up.. Jett can't decide what he wants.. Some nights he sleeps great then the next night he don't want to sleep in his crib.. GRRRR!! Same here with once you put one down the other is awake.. Coy is getting better though.. which is good.. Well i hope you get to feeling better.. Let me know if you need anything!!

Janna said...

Aw Tiff--this would be why there are permanent circles under my eyes. ;o) These are the days the tv gets over used. Get a huge pile of blankets and pillows, put on Luke's favorite thing and then lay on the couch with him. If you drift off, so be it. Personally I alway strive for as little tv as possible, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. ;o)