Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ode to Potty Training

That day has finally come
It is actually here
We've put Luke in "big boy" underwear
And I fear the end is not near.

We've picked out our favorite designs
And bought our little candy
But every time I hear "Uh Oh Mommy"
It can't be fine and dandy.

I really should learn
To not expect so much
After all, it is just day two
But you ask about my laundry? Well, it's a bunch!

I know these things take time
So I shouldn't get so worried
After all, it's no big deal to Luke
He isn't in a huge hurry.

We'll keep going strong
And I'm determined to not give in
But I'm afraid there's no turning back now
So hopefully, this ordeal is a "WIN WIN"!!!

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