Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm sure you would've wanted to be a fly on the wall...or not

What a great day. I had a meeting last night in Lincoln, so the kids and I stayed at my parents' house. I always love staying over, because 8:00 a.m. comes rather quickly when Sup-er Tar-get is less than a mile a way from their home. I had some things to exchange and found some other things to buy, since I had left over money from the exchanges, of course (see, I can justify just about anything). After Tar-get, we went to get my hair cut and then stopped by Sub-way, or Sub-ways as Luke calls it, for a quick bite to eat before heading out of town.
We were almost finished with our meal, when Luke exclaims, "I have to go potty!" So, I grabbed Katelyn and we jetted back as fast as we could (because of course, like most little ones, Luke waited until the last possible second to tell me about the urge he had probably had since we left the salon). I knew I was in for the long haul when he climbed up on the potty and took a seat. Great. He had to poop. But, this did give me plenty of time to form a plan as to how I was going to hold Katelyn and wipe Luke's posterior at the same time.
The wiping part didn't go as badly as expected, but then I began to think, "You know, I had better use the restroom too. After all, the hour trip home could get to be pretty long considering all of the fluids I had consumed earlier in the day (two cups of coffee at mom's, water in the van, a short pumpkin spice coffee from Linc-oln Exp-resso, a must have on my Lincoln trips, and two glasses of water at Sub-way itself, to be exact).
Hmm...this presented an even bigger problem. How was I going to get the job done while holding Katelyn at the same time? I cannot begin to describe the steps I took to get it done, but I did it. I realized that I can button my jeans with one hand and wash Luke and my hands while squeezing Katelyn in an upright position between my knees, all without breaking a sweat.
See what we're all capable of, moms? Trust me, it was truly a shining moment.


Janna said...

Makin' me smile--the things mothers must figure out! I always impressed myself with the things I could accomplish while walking around and nursing . . . ;o)

Makila said...

So funny. I can only imagine doing that myself! :)