Friday, May 15, 2009

Are you kidding me?

I happened to catch the first couple of minutes of "The Vi-ew" this morning. Did any of you see it? I hardly ever watch this show. As a matter of fact, it's very rare that we have the T.V. on at this time of the morning. But, what I heard in just those first couple of minutes made my draw drop and I have been bothered by it ever since.

The hosts were talking about the new Tom Ha-nks movie coming out today, "Ang-els and De-mons" the sequel to "The Da-Vinci Co-de". One host asked the other, "Do you believe that there is an after life?" One of the hosts said "yes, absolutely" and then gave some crud that wasn't supported Biblically to back it up.
Then, Barb-ara Wal-ters and Joy whats-her-name said that they did not believe in anything at all. THEN, if that weren't shocking enough, Whoo-pi Gold-berg said, "God never says anything about people going to hell. He just wants us to love everyone."
Oh my. Maybe I'm naive, but I assumed that even though most people are probably not saved, they most likely do believe that there is a God. Where did Whoo-pi get her basis to even say such a quote? Have any of these women read any part of the Bible?

I am still flabbergasted. If this isn't a wake up call, people, I don't know what is. Why am I assuming that most Americans believe there is a God? Maybe the reality is that most people don't believe in anything!

What this proves is that simply believing isn't enough.


Kelsey said...

oh Tiffany.. you crack me up.. I LOVE the view.. i watch it everyday.. But not a fan of it when Elizabeth isn't on which she wasn't today..

You just have to remember that its the view and everyone has their own opinion in things.. It is just crazy on all the different beliefs and religions people think and believe.. just don't let it get to ya.. like sheri said her religion she was told only 144 thousand go to heaven so we all know that isn't true but that is what her beliefs are told.. Its crazy i know :)

Love ya..

Janna said...

Ha, you are looking at one of the most uninformed people when it comes to our current events,world news, etc. I quit watching sometime during the year after Sept. 11th happened because it was ticking me off too much . . . People are all about inventing their own religion and making it fit their lifestyle, nobody cares what God's Word ACTUALLY says.